4 Things You Need To Know About The Kotlin Language

In the month of May 2017, Google announced that it is going to launch a new language for android developers. This language is known Kotlin language. It is the brand new general programming language that has been created by Jetbrains, Kotlin complies to the Java Virtual Machine bytecode. Thus, it can be utilized side-by-side with Java. Not many business owners have much knowledge about this language, so here are 4 things they need to know about the Kotlin language.

It is open source:

When the language was being formed, the developers were tired of Java’s verbosity they a more concise language that was highly compatible with Java. When they started working on Kotlin, rather than keeping it as an internal project, they opted to open source it. As of right now Kotlin gains no capital from developers who use the language but they expect to draw an income from the Kotlin supporting core products.

You need not write a bunch of codes:

When you use Java you have to write every single thing in a comprehensive manner. But unlike this system Kotlin language can make sense of the code and a write all the codes by itself. According to an estimated study you write at least 20% less code when you use the Kotlin language.

Google supported the idea of this language:

 In the annual summit of 2017 Google declared Kotlin to be the official supported language for Android, by doing this Google breathed a new life in Kotlin.

 This language is highly easy to learn:

Kotlin is a highly easy language to learn, it is highly user-friendly language and cab be learnt in a few hours just by reading the language reference particularly if you are well acquainted with Java.

Knowing these things will about the Kotlin language will help you make better decisions for your brand!