5 Biggest Tech Trends Of 2017 You Need To Be Aware Of!

In comparison to 2016, 2017 has been a much better year for the techno savvy people out there. There were no significant breakthroughs the last year. From the unending stream of bad news to a brutal election that seemed like it would never end to the dozens of celebrities including a few in the tech world passed away.

But this year has been completely different. Here are some of the biggest tech trends of 2017 you need to be aware of!

AI and Automation everywhere:

Artificial intelligence and automation have taken the technology industry by the storm. Automation is nothing new on the business side, but it is expected that it is going to be used to enhance the customer service. Online customer service is soon expected to be automated as well owing to the better AI and chatbots that understand context a whole lot better than ever before.

Intelligent Apps:

Intelligent apps such as VPAs perform some of the functions of a human assistant. It will help in making your everyday life a lot easier and organized. It is expected that 10 years from now, virtually every app, application and service will be inculcated with artificial intelligence in some or the other form.

Intelligent things:

As intelligent and smart devices such as drones, autonomous vehicles, smart appliances etc permeate the environment. A shift from stand-alone intelligent things to a collaborative intelligent things model is expected.

Digital twin:

A digital twin is a dynamic software model of a physical thing or system that relies on sensor data to understand its state, respond to changes, improve operations and add value.

It is expected that within 3 to 5 years, hundreds of millions of things will be represented by digital twins.


Blockchain and distributed-ledger concepts are gaining popularity because they hold the potential to transform industry operating models. While the current hype is around the financial services industry, there are many possible applications including music distribution, identity verification, title registry and supply chain.

Now that you are familiar with the biggest tech trends of 2017, you know what to expect in future!